Peer Reviewed Papers

Kalatzi Pantera, D., Böhmelt, T., Bakaki, Z. (2022) “The Transnational Influence of Natural Disasters on Environmental Attitudes.” European Journal of Political Research.

Working Papers

Kalatzi Pantera, D. “Does Global Integration Mitigate Environmental Mobilization? The Effect of Global Norms on Environmental Movement Participation”.

Kalatzi Pantera, D. “Going Glocal: The Effect of COP meetings on Local Environmental Attitudes”.

Crippa, L. and Kalatzi Pantera, D. “Greening Criminal Records: How Companies Use Environmental Programs to Mitigate Corporate Scandals”.

Work in Progress

Genovese, F. and Kalatzi Pantera, D., Zur, R. “All Shades of Green: Chromatic Variation and Political Alignment in European Green Parties”.

Kalatzi Pantera D. and Shiyi, X. “Conscience or Personal Interest? Motivation Disputes for Political Participation in Environmental Movements”.

Kalatzi Pantera, D., and Yun, J.Y. “Natural Disasters and Child Recruitment by Rebel Groups”.

Kalatzi Pantera, D. “The Climate is Changing: The Evolution of Parties’ Environmental Positions”.